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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Examples of Pink Elephants

Recently, MITI minister Rafidah Aziz had been committing many Pink Elephant slips, evident in her various responses regarding the AP issue.

The latest example from the interview excerpt in New Straits Times:

And, so far, the Prime Minister has said nothing less than full support for what I am doing. For this I am very very happy and (it) has motivated me to even work harder. I say this not to "mengampu" the Prime Minister.

How about when she was asked to release the list of AP receipients at the time when it was still clouded in secrecy?

Release! Release all! We have nothing to hide!

How many more pink elephants can you spot in your daily observations?

Be known!

My manager had this to say during our team meeting:

It's no good if you're excellent at your job but nobody knows.
Refreshing thought indeed!

Excellent employees jump up the value chain simply because they are able to prove to the superiors that they are valuable and capable of handling greater responsibilities.

Mediocre employees are content to do the job right and be happy with that.

While, sneaky employees rather not do any work but claim all the credit.

The point is... it's not enough to only be working in your own team and be very good at what you do. We have to constantly build the inter-departmental relationships with the managers of the other teams, to be well known and recognized, to be sought after should we decide to focus on a different job scope!

Branding i.gemz ...

Who are i-GemZ?

A collection of singers and songwriters who have expertise in performing on stage?

A group of musicians who frequently practice and have performances often?

A few songwriters who employ professionals to sing their songs?

Recording artists?

A Buddhist choir?

Unveiling the new (proposed) i.gemz typeface!

What is i.gemz brand promise?

-> Young and Vibrant
-> Spiritual
-> Contemporary
-> Reaching Out