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Sunday, February 04, 2007

An experience with robbery...


Active discussion going on here (still no news on mainstream media) and

explicit photos here (PG strongly advised).

Original post:

This post by Kit is so relevant to what I'm about to relate now.

There we were, shopping in Subang Parade at approximately 8.30pm. We were walking around LG floor, near The Chicken Rice Shop, when suddenly I heard a loud boom. My initial thought was that there was some renovation work and someone dropped something. Then the second boom came, and I saw around me people ducking and running away. I knew then that there was something wrong happening, possibly gun shots, possibly a robbery in progress. I ducked and told my wife to do the same. Moments later, we ran as fast as we could and hid the World of Sports shop.

Overall, more than 10 shots were fired. The Poh Kong (I think...) jewelry shop was robbed. According to hearsay, 2 security guards and 1 robber were shot dead.

It's despicable, isn't it? Violent crimes happening in such public places as a shopping complex!

I truly hope that the perpetrators will be caught and punished to death.