Nee Sern is...

really really sleepy

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Fuhhh so much has happened in the past few days...

Let's see... went to Pulau Redang for a wonderful 3 days Team Building, flew by Berjaya Air, stayed in Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, ate a lot of lamb *urgh* and ended up sick for 3 days since Monday... luckily, it's all over now...

Had our first Round Table yesterday in Starbucks Carrefour... there were 10 of us there, and although the energy is all there, it was more or less "negatized" by some (in my opinion) pessimistic remarks from certain parties... well, anyway it was getting pretty exciting, but in the end everyone had to leave so suddenly because the car-park was closing! That's it, no more venues inside shopping complexes.

Tomorrow is Siemens annual dinner in Hilton KL Sentral... the theme is Black, Gold, Silver. I'm supposed to appear in an outfit that has ONLY those 3 colours. Hmm... *search through wardrobe*

Saturday going up to Genting to watch Peter Pan, then coming down again (guess who's crazy idea is it...), so maybe if got time can catch the H2O show as well... though I'm more excited about the new DiGi IMAX Theatre in Berjaya Times Square!!! (how many times has the word Berjaya appeared in this posting???) RM20 for a full 3D experience... I definitely am going to watch a show there... Polar Express, anybody?

Saturday, November 27, 2004

CD Writer dying

I need a new burner :(

My CD Writer has been churning out a lot of coasters lately... looks like it's time to upgrade to a DVD Writer... but that's gonna cost me like RM300 ... breaking my budget already!

And the worst is that there's no year-end bonus! :(

Any kind sponsors out there? :-S

Friday, November 26, 2004

Redang here I come!

Tomorrow I'll be flying off to Pulau Redang for my department's team building. It's amazing what some companies will do for their employees. I should be back by Monday :)

Today I had lunch with Alex. He was wearing long sleeve t-shirt (from SEED), long cargo pants, and sandals :P I wish I could dress like that to office ! Then again, I've always liked to maintain that I'd wear "formally" to office, and "decently" when going out to site. With this, I separate my work from my life.

Am going to download Firefox now, and hopefully it will be the IE-killer!

22idc Post Mortem

It was a good post mortem meeting. How good? For starters... it ended before 12! Hehe... but it was a feel-good meeting. There wasn't any harsh feelings... but I truly wonder if we will ever learn from it?

I think this is why there needs to be continuity... there should be some place, some body to look after all the issues that may arise... and that's where I come in-lah :))

This Saturday I'm flying to Pulau Redang for department team building. Hope to relax and get to know more colleagues there. And for a chance to catch a glimpse of hot chicks? Nah, I don't think so... COM-Carrier Operations has no chicks! Hehe... Sad but true...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Y! Messenger is running!

Today is a good day :)

I managed to get my stupid Yahoo Messenger to work again in the office! All because I didn't configure the proxy all this while... then suddenly out of the blue today, I pinged the proxy and got back the IP address... keyed in this IP address... and voila... it worked!

So now I'm back into the online civilization! Yippieeee!!!!

Planning to watch Blade Runner (which I finished downloading couple of weeks ago) a bit later.

I can't go Bangkok :(

Had a fruitful post-mortem with Foong Wei for Secretaries portfolio... ironed out some issues, and at the same time pondered upon new questions... new directions for the portfolio.

It seems that almost everyone is going for the Bangkok trip, but I have to stay behind due to work. It's that time when the DiGi phase 3 project kicks into full swing, and I'll be probably handling all of the work related to KPI. So, it's no off-time for me (at least I think that way)... so I guess the rest will be enjoying, leaving me behind to rot... at least I've been to Bangkok before :D

Next month, my apartment will be vacant... so need to look for tenants.. anyone interested?

  • 3-bedroom apartment
  • Subang Perdana Court 9 (USJ)
  • Unfurnished
  • Facilities (Swimming pool)
  • Car Park
  • Rent neg.

Monday, November 22, 2004


I just watched a Thai horror movie called Shutter. Oh my god, I'm still having goosebumps all over my body!!! Although there are a lot of cheap scares in the movie, but overall it fits nicely into the storyline, and it's really creepy. Darn, how am I gonna sleep tonight? Hehe...

Browsed through a book called "As A Gentleman Would Say". Basically it lists down what a "gentleman" should avoid saying and instead what he should say under situations such as "Friend tells you he's lesbian" or "Your host serves you lousy food" or "You got a promotion and your best friend didn't". Although initially I found it a bit contrived, but upon reflection, I realized that this is part of the Right Speech that comes with wisdom... so... it's essentially part of what the Buddha taught :)

OK... time to read through some reviews of the Shutter movie now :) personally, I would grade it 4 stars out of 5! A good watch for horror fans :)

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Swimming was... tiring... Muscles aching all over... argh.. blergh... tomorrow's gonna be a lousy day... I can predict it...

Blurry Eyes

Arghh... can barely open my eyes... I can't believe I'm awake so early on a SUNDAY!!! >:( Don't feel good ... argh... must listen to nice music!!

*plays "Thank You" MP3...

Ahh.. feel better liao... hehe... good morning! :) Going swimming later evening.


Surprisingly... shopping in Midvalley today was fun! Partially because I had an aim: to buy new swimming trunks :) Thankfully, I found them...but RM59! Ouch... at least, it looks good AHHAHAHA... planning to go swimming tomorrow...

Oh, promised Jin Hwa to help him in Teen Quest hymns session tomorrow. Gonna see what I can cook up... haven't even planned what to sing! Hehe... last minute as usual.. Darn, gotta wake up at 8.30 tomorrow then! :P

Managed to record the first recording of "Thank You"... gonna share it with Kimberly, and a few others too... we'll see how it goes from there! I LOVE ADOBE AUDITION!!! :D

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Adobe Audition

Shit... I just woke up.. There goes half of my day :P

Yesterday I recorded a lousy version on "Lord Buddha's Watching Over Me" and ripped it to MP3. Sent it to Kimberly so that she may hear how it sounds like. Now, listening back... it really did not do justice to the song.. the guitaring was so lousy, and the singing was off-key!! Ha... I must redo it later.

Oh ya, I installed something called Adobe Audition yesterday, which is a supercharged super version of Cool Edit, which I've been using all this while to edit my WAV files. Have yet to experiment with it, but from what I've seen yesterday, it's damn canggih! Must try , must try!

OK lah... off to Midvalley today... weather in Subang Jaya is hot! Temperatures of 34 (baking hot).

22idc, steamboat, future

The 22nd INCOVAR Dhamma Camp (22idc) has come and gone... like a swift wind, it just passes by and you can't grasp it firmly... and yet somehow the memories have been entrenched within, a constant reminder of the friendship, and the inspiration.

Just came back from a mini-celebration-cum-appreciation steamboat dinner in BGF Center. About 25 of us (not everyone could turn up) were there to celebrate the success of the recent IDC. Heck, even Datuk was there, congratulating us all on a job well done! :) So we were all there: the committee, the IXP crew, the kitchen helpers, the facilitators... it was such a great environment. For the first time in so many months, we went to BGF not to have meetings or discussions or brainstorming sessions. It was just pure fellowship and fun!

Well, there will still be one more meeting: the post-mortem. It will be the time when we review the camp, and how it has fared. How we have performed, and the things that we can improve on. Only through this honest feedback session can we grow and improve further.

What will I be doing after 22idc? I am not so sure, but I will be involved in the LUSA project definitely. I think it is important to see that INCOVAR grows to become more than a camp. It must encompass so many things which we can potentially do. We have proved it time and time again that, through sincere dedication and effort, we can achieve the impossible! Who would've guessed that the 95%-Buddhist-Thailand could have something to learn from us Malaysians, whose Buddhist population is dwarfed by the sheer numbers in Thailand... this is indeed very inspiring...

For how long will I do this? Again, I dunno. But I do know that I have set my mind into it... And I will contribute my best :)

Phoenix Revival

I have decided to revive this blog, after much consideration.

One of the main reasons is that I wish to share the INSPIRATION that I've gained from participating in so many INCOVAR activities. It's really satisfying to see that what you do really has an impact on the people around you. For myself, it's the numerous times I see people smile, or are touched to tears, or simply when they say "You have inspired me to do great things."

Thus, I hereby pledge my service to INCOVAR for as long as I possibly can. Through INCOVAR, I hope to inspire more people... to bring the experiences of joy and happiness to my dear family and friends.

Because at INCOVAR... :: we inspire ::

Monday, January 05, 2004

I blew up the tealight candle holder!

Due to persistent protests from my dad, I've rearranged my bed to its original position. Supposed to create better harmony in my room.

My dad's also agreed to sponsor a new shelf system for my room, thus clearing up lots of floor space. Got to measure my car later to see if it can fit a book shelf 2m in length. Need to open up the back seats to fit the darn shelf in!

I broke the tealight holder I bought in IKEA. I guess lack of proper judgment led to that. You see, I was happily burning my tealight candle, and of all things I decided to throw in the match (read=wood!!!) into the tealight. Bastard, when the candle burnt off all the wax, it decided to eat up the matchstick as fuel! Got a huge flame that smelt like shit, and the intense heat broke the tealight holder into 2 with a medium explosion! :( got to buy a new one from IKEA now. (RM1.90 a piece.. *sob sob*)

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Inner change

I've rearranged the position of the bed in my room, and added a new table lamp. I hope that with this symbolic transformation, I will transform myself and adapt to changing situations. To me, it's a symbol of reaching out to the love of my life. It's a process of adaptation and caring.

I feel much better now, knowing that in times of crisis and trouble, I can count on my friends to always give me the support I need.

Once again, thanks!

Saturday, January 03, 2004


I have the best friends in the world. In times of trouble or despair, I know I can always count on these Kalyana Mitras to bring me hope and happiness.

I'm going through a rough time now. I'm going through a transition stage in my [DELETED]

Nevertheless, I count on my friends to pick me up where I am left out. And hopefully with the new-found strenght that I gain from my friends, I will be able to lead myself out of this perilous situation.


P.S to my friends who were out there that night making my day better: thank you so much! *muaks*