Nee Sern is...

really really sleepy

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Alias Season 4!!!

I found a website to download Alias S4! Unfortunately, it's only the first 3 episodes. I dunno if it has already finished airing in US, or is it just started... can anyone enlighten me? :)

Yesterday's i-gemz practice was OK. I managed to sing quite ok with the proper accents and intonations. However, I still need to work on my breathing technique. I need to get the proper breath support so that my voice will be able to be projected well. My song is being recorded on 5 February 2005.

I need to learn how to bake cookies to impress elsf ;) anyone want to give me lessons? :P

Monday, January 17, 2005

Alias Season 3

Is Alias getting a little over exagerrated? The more I look at it, the more comic-book it feels, and yet there is something in the series that makes you crave for more! Who was Rambaldi? What is Sloane's agenda? WHAT is Sydney Bristow?

It is the intruiging mix of all these variables that make Alias such a wonderful watch!

Oh, yea... I actually marathon through it during the weekend! :)

Friday, January 14, 2005


I just realized something!! Just now was walking from 16th floor to 15th floor, and bumped into my colleague *** ****... OMG, that's who "Shena" was from my dream!

Note: Edited to remove compromising names.

Sluggish Laptop...

My office laptop is so slow!!! And I'm only running Outlook, Excel, Mapinfo and Torora... ok Yahoo too.. but it's like dragging its ar$e to work!!! urgh...

Anyhow, thank goodness it's Friday! Now I can spend the whole time watching Alias S3 ;)

Maybe I'll go for the McD ice cream I've been wanting for like Foreverrr :P


Writing from office hehehe...

Three days ago, I bought a BenQ CDRW-DVD Combo Drive for RM190. The following day, lightning struck my PC and blew out my PSU. Yesterday, bought a new PSU for RM40 from Sunway. Low Yat quotes RM35.

Started watching Alias S3 which I finished downloading on Monday. Started downloading Charmed S1 for elsf.

Tomorrow there's rehearsal for Sunday's Musical Offering for Tsunami Victims. Sunday nite is the big performance. Yesterday, elsf and a whole bunch of incovarians went off to Bangkok.

It has been an eventful week indeed ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Today I had a dream... I dreamt that I had a younger sister... her name was Shena... That's as much as I remember about the sister, but let's see what else was in this dream...

It started off in this temple (dunno which one), we were doing some charity work, can't really remember the details, but there was one part where I was required to climb up a staircase and traverse a 8m high ledge made of foam cushions, with 6ft gaps in between the cushions at intervals... needless to say, it was scary. The funny thing is, there was this guy holding up a sort of canvas that supported the gaps, but I felt so scared, so I climbed down the stairs again...

Then the scene changed, I was going home. we were sitting in this car (or van), quite full already. Then suddenly my colleague ***** wanted to come into the vehicle, so i motioned to my right (the seat was half filled), and as she came in, I put my right arm over her shoulders hehehehe... nice...

Anyway, the next scene was in my home already (funnily, i don't remember it as such, but it's more of like an apartment or a room). It was during this time that I knew I had a younger sister (younger, I remember, coz she just came back from college ... hehehe)... her room was in my room (sort of like, if u wanted to access her room, u gotta come through my room first). So, she was holding some music CDs (avril lavigne??) and she was on the phone; I remember I wanted to talk to her, but didn't interrupt her phone conversation. Suddenly she was trying to change out of her blouse, so I quietly closed the door, and changed out of my pants too... the door suddenly opened, so I quickly finished up, and I remember that my sis was just so pretty... somehow I knew that her name was Shena, and that we were quite close as siblings... I wonder if I did go and hug her or not... but that's all I remember, coz the alarm clock woke me up... DARN!!!!!!!!

Cool dream huh... now I wonder, how it'll be like if I really have a younger sister... anyone care to share their experience?

Note: Edited to remove compromising names.