Nee Sern is...

really really sleepy

Friday, June 27, 2003

It's a wonderful morning in Subang Jaya. The sky is clear, the weather is fine, and the sun is not scorching hot! What's the next best thing that can happen? It's Friday!!

Having a job as coordinator for Incovar Publicity for the very first time is pretty daunting. I hope I can be comforting, accomodating, and yet stuck-to-the-ground, because coordinating is all about practicality. It's all about finding solutions, rather than dreaming up ideas.

Of course, the dreaming part is good, as it keeps the portfolio alive and going-well. Ideas are always welcome, and things don't always fall into place if there are no fresh ideas to help in the evolution of the portfolio.

So I was thinking of these ideas:
- Incovar namecard: just a generic namecard with the Incovar name, logotype, website address, and BGF mailing address.
- Discount for earlybirds: instead of a free gift, we can use some budget allocated to provide discounts for earlybirds.. maybe from as low as RM2 to as high as RM10 ( :o ) I mean, people are people, and they love getting some kind of advantage. Maybe I'll bring this up on Tuesday.
- Bringing Incovar back to BGF: I dunno bout the rest, but if I were to send my camp application and fees to somebody's house, and make the payment to some person, my view on Incovar wouldn't be as good as if I were to send my application and fees to BGF. This is something seriously to consider, if we were to remake the entire image of Incovar.

Just some ideas thrown in here...... so that I don't forget them :D

Thursday, February 06, 2003

i have a dream to ensure that humanity is not lost. call me nuts, but the bene gesserit have been right all along. we are coming to an age where humans cannot be differentiated from animals. how are humans and animals different? up till the last century we have had this preconception that we are the most advanced and intelligent beings on earth, but recently our research has shown that there are other intelligent mammals sharing our planet with us. how then are humans different from them? will you recoil in pain when you know that very action will kill you? how will you react if you are stuck in an animal trap? will you let your pain dictate your next move? to escape the trap (temporary pain) and severe your leg? or to stay in the trap (endure the pain) and look for ways to escape your agony? how is it possible for humans to be so dense? how have we evolved from a community to individual beings? we are living in dangerous times. we must protect our lineage. let us Share. may Other Memory guide us.