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really really sleepy

Monday, October 08, 2007

Abdullah is clueless...

I didn't say it. It's reported in theSun...

On another matter, the prime minister seemed in the dark when asked the reasons for the delay in handing over of keys to tsunami victims in Tanjung Bungah to allow them to move into their new homes.

“Those who meet the requirements can move in immediately,” he said.

When told that the victims had held a demonstration yesterday as they were unable to move into their new homes, he looked puzzled and insisted they could move in already. “As long as they have met the requirements, they should be able to move into the new units,” he said.

When pressed further on whether he will order an investigation on the reasons for the delay, he replied “no”, but seemed unhappy over being informed about the delay by the media.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

2 more episodes to go

With only 2 more episodes to go in both (yes - both - I'm watching both) Astro-On-Demand dramas, finally the stories will end. As always, it will be a happy ending. And I hope that the loose ends are tied up nicely, or else it will be quite irritating to see an open ended plot line not properly closed up. It will just show the flaws during the script writing.

So what will I do from next week onwards? I guess it's back to whatever routine I had previously before the drama invasion. A mix of Heroes/KyleXY/Prison Break watching, reading up on all my books, and preparing for my grandpa's 90th birthday bash!