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Friday, March 31, 2006


I thought that having a bigger role to play in my current company is a good blessing.

Now I have another offer from another company for a consultant or senior engineer role. This other company has a better track record in terms of financial standings, history and general perception.

But I'm afraid to move, because it could mean that I have to start all over again. But at the same time, the current company isn't the best one in the country right now.

What should I do???

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I got a new web counter

On the left side of this blog I've subscribed to a free web counter. Now I will know how many busy body people are reading my blog! :P :P

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Self-proclaimed team lead

Lately, my manager has been hinting that I should take on more responsibilities in leading and managing. Although he has not officially announced it, I have begun to proactively manage a team of engineers and coordinate inter departmental communication.

Instead of doing more technically inclined work, I am now more involved in organizing meetings to clear expectations, setting and enhancing processes, following through earlier efforts or pending cases, trying my best to show that I am more than a mere engineer. That I have the capability to be a great leader.

I hope that I can shine in this organization!

Monday, March 27, 2006

What a day to remember! 24th March 2006

It was an interesting day for sure. There was no turning back. The engagement ring had been procured, and I had applied for a day off. Also my fellow collaborators have agreed to follow through the game plan. The stage was set for one of the more memorable days in my life.

That morning at 10.30am, armed with 6 roses to symbolize the 6 years relationship we've spent together, and the engagement ring, I boldly stepped into the Mont Kiara grounds. Along came Daniel, who provided much needed moral support and photography/videography services.

Plaza Mont Kiara Block D

Me waiting for Daniel

The flowers

The ring

Meanwhile, MJ and Chee Onn were busy convincing elsf to download the so-called publicity flash file, which took quite a while to complete! Daniel and I were waiting at the lift lobby at level 3A, where I think at least 3 or 4 people have seen what must have been quite a suspicious sight: a tall guy with roses, and a shorter guy with a camera, whispering and acting weird.

Level 3A

In the elevator

The target!

In fact, the wait was so excruciatingly stressful, that I had to personally call elsf to check whether or not she has finished downloading and watching the file.


"Download already or not?"

Once I knew she had completed the download and finished watching the file, I proceeded to muster up my courage and stepped into her office doors. Showing the flowers and a "ssshhh" to the receptionist, she proceeded to show the way to elsf's cubicle.


Heart pounding

She saw me!

With a surprise that shocked her to speechlessness, the office colleagues offered their support in form of applause. I had gone on one knee to ask the inevitable question.

"6 roses for 6 wonderful years together"

The inevitable question

Shocked beyond words

"Please say something!"

With barely a whisper from her shocked self, she hastily accepted the ring and I suppose that must have signaled a yes!

She accepted the ring

With a final photograph for the day, we departed her office, leaving her to savour the experience that must have been one of the more exciting ones to remember.

Me and my fiancée

And, happily now, I am engaged to Lee Swee Feng!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

dearest swee feng...

Will you be my wife
For the rest of my life
You and me together
In love forever

Friday, March 10, 2006

A difficult project indeed...

The project that I'm working on currently at work is indeed one of the most difficult projects I've ever been involved in.

Sometimes I wonder where is the "management" in the Project Manager. Sometimes I wonder, are we even equipped enough to go to the customer and say "told ya so" or "you're most definitely wrong".

I don't want to get retrenched because of incompetent managers and inefficient internal processes. And since I don't subscribe to the CYA theory, I think the best course of action would be to do my job as well as I can while adding some semblance of order and process into place where there is currently none. In fact our so-called "consultant" is no great expert on the subject matter. Perhaps it's fair to say that I may have more in-depth knowledge than him!

Outrageously disasterous. Perhaps I should start looking for a new job...

I met up with my Primary 6 classmates

It has been ages since I last saw the likes of Ming-Yan, Bernard, Ellisha, Naveen, Andrew, Siti Sarah, Zarina, Ah Nei and Wai Sen. But there we were in Tanjung SS14 to talk about food, weather and look at childhood photographs.

Fun and laughter permeated throughout the night. It was a splendid outing! Thanks to Ming-Yan for a great job in organizing this meet up.

Photos coming soon!