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really really sleepy

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Okay. So it's confirmed. I'm going to Bangkok for on job training for 2 whole weeks. Having to pay for my own hotel is no good news either (despite the fact that I get to claim it back AFTER I've spent the money). So you go figure how much it'll cost me.

Planning to visit those places that I never got the chance to visit last time, like the National Museum, Dragon Boat Museum, Jim Thompson House, Jatujak, and sample all the great foods.

Oh, yeah, and of course... go through the on job training :)

2 weeks. Man. It's gonna be a long trip.

Friday, April 08, 2005

i-GemZ "mini reunion"

So we gathered in Datuk's house yesterday: myself, NW, Siew Chan, Daniel, Anson, Datuk, Sue Lynn and Wee Fah. We managed to write a 4-part choral arrangement for The Dhamma Shines in Me. So the challenge will be to practice to perfection prior to recording in the studio.

Sue Lynn cut her hair short, looks different from previously but quite good too.

Anson looked.... tired as usual.

The rest of us were having some chats and practicing the newly written music arrangement by Datuk, Anson (the apprentice) and Daniel.

It was quite a challenge trying to go back to the days of choir training and the experience of singing the bass section again. I wondered why I couldn't reach moderately low notes, although in the past I have managed to be quite a good bass sectionist. Well, I guess I could only sing better in the groggy mornings, as evident this morning while in my car driving to work.

i-GemZ... we inspire thru music...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another free meal

Yup. Free lunch today. Product Director from Actix came over from Singapore to give a presentation on some optimization tool. Got free lunch at Screaming Bananas ;)

New chatterbox

I just got myself a chatterbox for this blog! It's on the left sidebar below all the links. Feel free to use it lah.

Alias 4 vs Lost vs CSI:NY

Which one wins?!!

Alias 4

I got hooked into Alias from Season 1's highly original and intruiging mix of mysticism, fantasy, heroism and conspiracy theories. It was so intruiging, that I went ahead and watched Season 2 and 3. Suffice to say my curiosity was peaked to the max at the end of Season 3!

So when Season 4 finally arrived, I was a little disappointed.

What happened to all the conspiracy theories? Conveniently shelved.

What happened to Sydney's mom? Conveniently killed.

What happened to the CIA? Conveniently moved to APO.

Well, at least there is promise in digging up the past concerning Vaughn's father and his connection to Nadia. Let's see if anything interesting crops up.


Well, I've only started watching this new series from the creator of Alias, J.J. Abrams. The first episode hooked me! Again, an effective mix of human drama, fantasy, mysticism and heroism.

What exactly dwells on the island apart from Polar Bears? Where is the island exactly? Who are the people on board the plane which crashed?

All these questions are answered in flashbacks. For example, we know how Jack the doctor got his bottle of alcohol. And we know that Kate was in fact a felon under federal custody when the plane crashed. I'm sure there will be more startling revelations of the main characters in future episodes.

I hope it doesn't disappoint!


The highly successful CSI franchise moves on to the Big Apple! Managed to catch the season premiere of CSI:NY yesterday on AXN. So how did it fare?

Well, I still like the original CSI in Las Vegas, somehow there is an affinity with the cast members and the cases that they solve. But watching CSI:NY yesterday, there was a sort of mood established, one of desolance and despair rather than hope and triumph. Perhaps it's due to the complex characterization played by Gary Sinise as Mac Tayler the head of CSI:NY. Somehow, although the case and the production didn't do much to impress me, it was the storyline and the promise of deep character development that clinched it for me.

Am I looking forward to more episodes of CSI:NY? Absolutely. I would like to see more of the CSI team, and more of the human drama that unfolds. In comparison, CSI Las Vegas does not delve too much into the human side of the story, and I have no comments of CSI:Miami since I don't watch it.

But CSI:NY... there is promise!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Free dinner


Muahahaha!! Got a free meal at TGIF!! Damn full now. Dunno how to sleep also tonight. Maybe stay up and watch Apprentice 3 lah :P

Original Post

Suddenly my friend Shaz called up saying he wants to belanja me dinner tonight.

So how can I resist right?

Hope he doesn't back off when the bill comes!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I skipped lunch...

Yup. I skipped lunch today. Why? Lazy to think what to eat.

Seriously, lunch choices here are really difficult. Unless I'm willing to spend lar, otherwise it's kind of the same thing over and over again.

So how? I had 2 cups of Milo today :)

Feel like eating Crispy Chicken Rice later at Asia Cafe.


If you're a DiGi subscriber and have an MMS-enabled phone, try signing up with Lifelogger, a website that enables you to publish photos snapped using your camera phone directly onto the internet! It's really cool, and each photo you upload is published almost instantaneously!

Well, I've just started so I only have 3 snaps so far. Now I finally have a use for my camera phone! Hehehe...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Would you fart?

Seriously. Let's say you're in the office at your own cubicle with nobody around you. Suddenly you feel the urge to let rip a big one. And it's a silent killer.

Would you do it?

Or let's say you're in the toilet, with nobody inside. There could be a possibility that someone might walk in at any time. Now you feel the urge to fart, and it's gonna be damn loud.

Would you do it?

Or perhaps let's imagine that you're in a lift full of people. Or in a full-house dark cinema. Or just walking around in a crowded department store. You feel the need to relieve yourself by farting.

Would you do it?

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Selesa here I come!

ETA T-11Hrs.

Looking forward to a good brainstorming session, and a nice trip away from the city, not thinking about work.

Darn. Now feeling hungry pulak...

P/S What is PCIC? Hehehe... take a good guess, otherwise you have to find the answer yourself.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Please support my friend

She just recently opened a blog, but is a bit shy to post up anything lah.

So give it a visit, and post some encouraging messages in her comment box. I'm sure she'll appreciate it!!!